Sharon Socol: A short Biography

At the age of 7 Sharon Socol grabbed a paper-box camera and started taking photographs. She has never stopped.
Her photographs are collected and exhibited in the United States and the world. Observations about life constantly bombard her. Through photography, she makes them public. Her images are sometimes autobiographical,
sometimes social commentary. They are her visual voice.

Ten years ago she found herself inside the fashion world: a dream place many aspire to experience. The result is her first book: Plus One: An Outsider’s Photographic Journey Into The World Of Fashion. Other Photographic projects include: The Last Years of My Dad: Charlie, Images of Provence, Other Times and Other Places, Graceful Navigation, and Sun Worship and Other Rituals Of The Beach.

Sharon is the creator of a photography and writing program titled: “Photographing Ourselves,” which helped children at risk in Miami and New York develop self-esteem and self-awareness.


Plus One

An Outsider's Photographic Journey Into The World of Fashion

“You + Plus One are cordially invited to attend . . .”

My husband, Howard Socol, was the CEO at Barneys New York for over eight years. During that time, he received hundreds of invitations containing the above phrase. I, of course, was the Plus One—and what an unlikely Plus One I was.

What does a fashion outsider do when presented with the challenge of being the Plus One? I am a photographer who likes to record the world around her intuitively and spontaneously, who thinks of her camera as her voice. My camera and photographs record what I am feeling and seeing. They demystify my world for me. My camera is a protective shield which permits me to enter safely into a world I find both fascinating and frightening.


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